Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking to 2014 BCABHOF Nominations


* As the process of the British Columbia Amateur Boxing 
Hall of Fame continues in 2014,  there will be a need folks
that are past or present members of Vancouver Island to 
attempt to select some choices by September 2013 so 
they can be submitted in a timely basis.

*to begin this process a site has been established that 
will enable persons involved to review the list of over 225
names and reduce them to a smaller number of say about 25
and then review them for
C. A. P. - Contribuions - Achievements - Participation
in the sport of amateur boxing from boxing, coaching,
administration and journalism. 



The above is a list of 28 names that covers many decades of boxing
on Vancouver Island, but there are many others that could be added.
Although some of those that would be considered builders have been
boxers, it is more representative that they would qualify as builders
and not boxer  Ones that would be strictly boxers or junior/youth
include: Alan Curtis, Billy Taylor, Gary Robinson,  and Kit Munro.

Two of the listed names have served as Vancouver Island Amateur
Boxing commissioners: Bert Wilkinson and Howard Curling.
Ones that are primarily coaches in the buiding area would be
Alex Riley, Art Smith,  Barry Creswell,  Bob Pegues, Brian Sacho,
Don Orr, Jason Heit, Jim Hills, Lloyd Anderson, Lou Bujdoso, 
Mike Caird, Mike Wood, Nick Lystar,  and Skimp Williams
The others listed would have been involved in various parts of  
the building process. 


Selected between 2010 and 2014 from above names:
Bert Wilkinson, Kit Munro, and  Bob Pegues. 

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