Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boxing On The Island and the Club Shows

THE FIGHT CARDS: by Brian Zelley

Over the decades, the regular boxing cards from Victoria to Gold River
have been an important element in the growth and improvement of 
the sport of boxing, it also becomes a good learning experience for
novice boxers and a good tune-up for boxers preparing for the
many tournaments that may be available for them.  

Club Shows In The Sixties:

From 1964 to 1968 most of the club show would be held
on a regular basis in Victoria with some being held in 
Port Alberni.

1964:  "NanaimoBoxers Earn Split In Victoria Bouts"

The above was the headline in
the "Nanaimo Daily Free Press"
following one of the boxing cards
held in the early part of 1964.

The Nanaimo boxers in action were:
Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles Nepper, 
Leon Nepper, Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley

The opponents were:
Norman Williams, Tom Kelley, Andy Ross,
Charles Forscutt, Larry Hay and Pat Alwood.
In other bouts boxers were:  Gordon Harvey, Dave Way, Mike Miller,
Jim Fenwick, Rich Uche and Bill Pepper.

During the 1963/1964 season, there were many other club shows which
would end with the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships.
Two of the boxers on the club card would be two of the champions from
Nanaimo in the later championships including Gilles Nepper and Brian Zelley. 

Fast forward from 1964 to 1968 and another all-star card hosted by 
Harry Morris and the London Boxing Club:

March 29, 1968:
* a 15-bout  which included
some top names of boxers
from British Columbia
including Victoria's 
Gary Van Buskirk and
Nanaimo's Tony James.
James had made a great
showing recently in 
the 1968 BC Golden Gloves
but lost a controversial and
disputed decision with 
1967 Canadian champion
Wayne Boyce.  

There would be other club shows after that all-star show but there was no
major tournament on Vancouver Island until the Seventies would unleash
many great shows in various locations including Nanaimo.

FIRE and ICE a cold cold day in Nanaimo 

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